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Corporate Wellness and Wellbeing in Business



Corporate Wellness or corporate wellbeing gives us at ipamper party the opportunity to focus on your employee health needs. You may wish to arrange a single visit as a treat or we’ll work with you to put together a comprehensive package of wellness services for all your employees.


The Corporate Wellness team at ipamper party will become an integral part of your employee’s health and wellbeing.


Corporate wellness and wellbeing is becoming more popular with companies investing in their employee’s health. It has been proven that once a wellness programme has been implemented sick days are reduced dramatically.


It has been proven that incorporating a wellness programme into the office environment enhances productivity. In the news lately a perfect example of this corporate hospitality has been highlighted by Google. They invest tens of thousands into wellness programs as they know productivity will be greatly enhanced. This makes for a happier work force as well as a healthy balance sheet.


As stress levels in business rise stress management has rightly become a major concern for organisations, companies, and local authorities keen on maintaining wellbeing, productivity and creativity.


If you require an alternative solution to combat the physical and mental effects of stress in the workplace, then corporate wellbeing and mobile massage/beauty therapy could be the answer you and your staff are looking for. Utilising corporate wellbeing regularly with mobile massage can boost energy levels, improve morale and reduce stress levels to an acceptable level. Corporate mobile massage has also been proven to also dramatically reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.


Through utilising our unique Slovakian massage techniques you, your employees or residents can benefit dramatically from my corporate well being services.


iPamper Party not only specialises in providing beauty treatments but also provides unique corporate massage therapies and other employee or resident initiatives to a wide range of companies, Including small businesses, large corporations, local authorities to name but a few. Corporate wellness can provide employees with a variety of health services to help combat stress and back pain. These are the two of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace.


Most companies now employ a mobile corporate wellness massage therapist at least once a month and the results have proven to be very positive for both employees and employers.


More and more organisations including; Local Authorities, Small businesses, Law Firms, Marketing companies, Larger organisations, residential care homes and professionals, to name but a few are finding that looking after the wellbeing of staff is something they cannot ignore. Wellness and wellbeing not only has real benefits but it is now also a legal obligation in the UK.


Together, we can build a healthier, more productive workforce.

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