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Pamper Engagement Party


What is an Engagement Pamper Party

Years ago engagement parties were just normal parties where people gathered and had fun whilst announcing their intention to get married. These days engagement parties now consist of engagement pamper parties where the girls gather before the attend the party. Our engagement pamper parties cater for women only, and our beauticians know how to enhance your beautiful looks before the real party gets started.

Our engagement pamper parties give the opportunity to get together and share the engagement news with family members.
In these modern times, engagement pamper parties often celebrate an engagement. It is now customary to give gifts and toasts or speeches are often made at the party itself.

An engagement pamper party is usually held before going to the main party itself. This gives time for the girls to get into the planning process. It is often held at the couple's home or the home of a close friend or relative of the couple. This kind of engagement pamper party usually includes engagement party gifts for the couple.

A great idea for a engagement pamper party is to use one of our gift vouchers as a present.



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