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Hen Pamper Parties


Hen Parties over the last few years have become more popular than ever before. Most hens now book a pamper party before their night out, usually in the afternoon.

Pampering at Your Hen Party

We can provide a range of Pamper Party packages to suit a variety of hen party budgets. Most pampering sessions at hen parties start at around 1 or 2pm and last for about 3 to 4 hours, giving you a chance to get ready for your evening ahead. A hen party pamper weekend is all about being made to feel special and there are no better hen weekend activities to leave you feeling spoilt and pampered with a full range of luxurious treatments and facilities. You can make your party small and cozy with just three ladies having a night in or a full experience with up to 15 ladies being pampered at once.

The beauty therapists attending your party will bring everything they will need for your hen pamper party including, products and towels, the only thing they may need will be access to a table, bed and chairs, hot and cold water and possibly an electricity point.

Hen Party Bookings

During the summer is our busiest time for hen parties as you can imagine. Wedding season is well and truly underway so to avoid disappointment please ensure to book early.

Organisation Of Your Hen Pamper Party

When that big day arrives, you have to look not only your best, but better than the rest. No woman wants to walk down the aisle looking like she’s leading a cast from shameless!

Sometimes, you have to take the lead to ensure that you and your wedding guests not only look good, but look ten times better than the other wedding taking place on the same day and possibly in the same Church or Registry Office. You can always tell when people just haven’t tried to impress because it really shows. Once the big day dawns, it’s too late to wish you’d had a Hen Pamper Party when people turn up looking like visitors from hell.

Nobody should outshine the Bride on her big day, but there’s no reason why all your guests and bridesmaids shouldn’t look so stunning that people will talk about them for months or even years to come. How many times have you heard, “They all got their makeup done professionally.” So, don’t be left out; don’t be the ugly sisters of the wedding world, have a Hen Pamper Party before your big wedding day – it will put you head and shoulders above the rest and let you decide if you want to use our services for the big day itself.

By using our online booking form you can organise your hen pamper party with as little fuss as possible. Either fill in the request online, print off the booking form, or give us a call for a quotation.



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