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Prom Night Pamper Parties


Originating from the USA a prom night (promenade) is usually a black tie dinner dance or a get together of high school students. A prom night is usually held at the end of the year. Most girls tend to have a pamper party before a big prom night here in the UK. In today’s modern school society it is a huge event among high school girl students.

Looking your very best for your prom night is as important to us as it is to you. This is why our prom pamper parties are so popular amongst students looking to get together before they attend the prom.

At a prom night, a Prom Queen and Prom King are usually chosen. For the girls this is a fantastic time to show off their make-up, hair, and of course their prom dress.

IPamper Party has catered for prom students in the UK for many years and have an enviable reputation for delivering quality beauty services and only using quality beauty products.

Many girls tend to get together before going to their school prom and this is why our prom pamper parties are so popular. Each year they seem to be getting more popular so it is advisable to book early.

In Britain, the term "prom" is becoming more common in the UK due to the influence of USA.

As an import from the United States of America, it’s obvious that Proms are here to stay at schools and colleges. That’s the time when you can’t be complacent. You appearance can make or break your ‘street cred’ on Proms Night and the last thing you want your daughter to be is an Ugly Betty on one of the biggest nights of her life. Don’t let Proms Night become ‘Hell Night’ by skimping on appearance. The outlay is modest, the advantages and ‘pleasure factors’ are immense. Don’t let it pass you by.



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