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IPamperParty Therapist Terms And Conditions



iPamperParty will Endeavour to provide appropriate engagement opportunities for you to provide your services as a Freelance Therapist. iPamperParty shall provide engagement opportunities based on geographic and skills suitability. iPamperParty accept no liability for failing to provide engagements.

The Therapist will maintain and produce evidence thereof to iPamperParty at his or her own expense adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance cover in respect of his or her personal liability and all claims arising out of any failure to carry out any obligations and/or in respect of any negligence or damage or any other failure whatsoever in relation to any engagement undertaken under this agreement.


  1. A Current Insurance document to practice beauty
  2. A recent utility bill containing your name and address
  3. A Copy of your driving license (both parts)
  4. Your bank details for payments
  5. A copy of your NVQ certification

Therapists are not employees of iPamperParty. Each Therapist is self-employed or engaged under a contract for services. The Therapist will provide his or her services as an Independent Contractor and should not be considered in any way or at any time to be an employee of iPamperParty.

The Therapist hereby indemnifies iPamperParty in respect of any claims that may be made by the relevant authorities against iPamperParty in respect of Income Tax or National Insurance or similar contributions relating to the services of the Therapist/s hereunder.

Party Bookings – Therapist Assignment

Registered Therapists are contacted via email or telephone for availability and at this stage will be advised of brief details of the assignment including hourly rate of freelance pay.

Please note you may not receive further details until 7-14 days before the party date so do not assume the booking will not be taking place – always check (to not hear from them is not to expect they will not attend).

On expectance of the assignment will then be sent an assignment confirmation letter 7 days prior to the assignment date via email including full details of the assignment, schedule of Treatment/s/services and confirmation of freelance pay.

Should check Party Schedule and confirm receipt and acceptance.

Working at a Party

You will be representative of iPamperParty and on all engagements you will:

  • arrive at the venue at a previously agreed time (15-30 minutes prior to party start time to set up to ensure you are setup before the first Guest/s arrives or Treatment/s are due to commence)
  • provide reasonable notice to iPamperParty regarding any problems with your attendance so that an alternative Therapist can be organized (by contacting your Party Contact on the number provided)
  • ring the Host if you are running late– a contact number for the Host can be found on the Party Schedule
  • act in a professional and respectable manner at all times maintain a professional and friendly persona at all times, ensuring you are well presented, dressed appropriately (smart uniform is required – professional tunic or smart black t-shirt)and refrain from the use of intoxicating substances during and prior to the engagement (including smoking)
  • be self-sufficient, providing your own products and equipment for the Treatment/s offered and as appropriate for the therapy provided (to include towels and an appropriate range of nail polish colors in good condition)
  • contact the Host the week of the party to introduce yourself and discuss the arrangements
  • take reasonable precautions to protect the area where Treatment/s are being completed and/or notify the Host immediately of any concerns regarding the area make the Host aware of any issues regarding the area for Treatment/s as soon as they arise

The Therapist/s will respect the confidentiality of the Host and/or Guest/s and will not discuss or disclose information of a personal nature to any third party without the explicit consent of the Host and/or Guest/s.  The Therapist/s should not treat the Host and/or Guest/s without a signed Consultation Form (if necessary you can use your own forms).  The Therapist/s has the right to decline to treat a Host or Guest/s if they have consumed too much alcohol/will not complete a Consultation Form.  Call your Pamper Party Contact if there are any problems.

Therapist/s has the right to charge for any delays caused by the Host or Guest/s, resulting in a delay of more than 30 Minutes from the agreed Treatment/s schedule. The amount of £10.00 for every 30 Minute delay should be paid by cash or cheque directly to the therapist providing Treatment/s before you leave the party. Delays caused by other Therapist/s should be notified immediately to the iPamperParty Contact and will be dealt with at this point.

The Therapist/s may display business cards and other promotional material while on an engagement. The Therapist/s may promote their own services but will refrain from selling or promoting any third party product or service while on engagement. The Therapist/s will refrain from offering parties or group bookings to any Host or Guest/s they acquire through working with iPamperParty. All such bookings shall be dealt with directly by iPamperParty unless otherwise agreed.

Your Safety and Security

Make contact with the host before the date of the party (ideally on a landline)

Check the route in advance

Make contact with other Therapist/s attending before the date of the party

Advise someone where you will be going and how long you expect to be – advise someone if you will be late

Notify your iPamperParty Contact when you arrive at the party and once you have completed your assignment

After the Party

The Therapist/s will be responsible for invoicing iPamperParty for payment of the previously agreed sums following each engagement. iPamperParty payment terms are 30 days from receipt of invoice (and Consultation Forms if applicable). Payment is generally made on completion of the assignment within 7 working days by bank transfer / company cheque.  I agree that it is my responsibility to deal with all income tax affairs for payment received for freelance assignments.

Freelance Therapist/s will not disclose details of their remuneration to any third party.

Refer a Friend

iPamperParty are currently offering one-off Refer a Friend incentive of £10.00 per Therapist for all our registered practioners.  This will be payable once the Therapist has successfully completed their first Party for iPamperParty and must therefore include receipt of a completed iPamperParty Registration Form and all relevant certificates and insurance documentation.  The Therapist who is recommending a Friend should contact iPamperParty to notify them to expect the registration and the Therapist joining the scheme should mention their Friend at the point of Registration.  iPamperParty is unable to back-date payment previous recommendations.  Once a bonus has been paid for a Therapist then any future parties completed by the new Therapist will not be eligible for payment.  Any Therapist who has previously registered with iPamperParty at any point, will not be counted as a New Therapist and will therefore not be eligible for payment of the incentive.


I agree that iPamperParty will assign work for me on a self-employed basis and make no guarantee of the amount of work or income I will receive from submitting my details.

I understand and agree that iPamperParty are not accountable in any way for my actions or any third party claims against me including therapies and / or services rendered or advice given to the Host/s or Guest/s or general public. I also understand that it is my responsibility to inform iPamperParty of any change in the details I have submitted about myself and my services as soon as possible. I also agree that to be given an assignment it is my responsibility to make sure that I have valid insurance cover and a valid state / city license to practice (US and other licensed countries) and abide by the governing law of the country I reside and practice in respect of my therapies / services offered.

I understand that the primary goal of iPamperParty is to provide a low cost solution for Therapist/s to gain extra work by matching Host enquiries with professional qualified practitioners.  I agree that I have read and understand these terms and I have not withheld any information.

It is the responsibility of the Therapist to acquaint themselves with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at the discretion of iPamperParty. For the avoidance of doubt the Therapist is bound by the Terms and Conditions as current at the time of accepting the engagement.

If you have any questions please contact us directly on or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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